What is Love?

Today I performed my usual Sunday routine. Going to church and shooting a podcast episode with my buddy. On our way to the recording place(aka one of my mentor’s house :}) we usually have thought provoking discussions or prep for our episode. Today, my buddy asked me a question I always run away from but I couldn’t run this time. So I really I had to think and reflect on the question. What is love? Well tbh, I do not know. But this is our I feel about love.

What is love

What is love 

How do we love

When do we know it is love

Are we loved for our facial value

Or are we loved because of our cash value

Have we felt love or a short burst of dopamine

Have you felt loved

Have you falling in love 

Or was it your sex appeal going haywire

Or your never ending need to be with someone

This would forever be a mystery

Crazy to say I really do not understand what love is

Neither have I truly falling in love 

So when do I know it’s true love

When do I know she is the one

Will I know when I get chills

Will I know when I get goosebumps

Will I know when I constantly get hard thinking of her

How would I know

I was never told what is love

I am clueless

What if I experienced love but I missed it 

What if I experienced love but let it pass me by

What if I experienced love but I paid it no attention

When would this thing called “love” come my way

Have I missed the bus

I missed the bus again

Or did I 

Time would time

I can’t wait to meet this mystery 

I can’t wait to be vulnerable 

I can’t wait for it to all end in tears

Or not

This thing called love I shall taste

This thing called love I shall feel

This thing called love I shall embrace

But once I get my high

Would I abandon it 

Or get hooked like a crackhead

If I get hooked would my life be shattered when the high fades

And the bus doesn’t stop by no more 

Only time would tell 

I can’t wait for this roller coaster.

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