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Personal Opinion: Meal Kits

As someone who is constantly “busy”, I rarely have time to cook or go grocery shopping but my body doesn’t care about that, my body is craving food 24/7 so I have to give the body what it wants.

How do I do that while staying “lazy and “busy” and I did what everyone does when they are looking for answers “google it”. Googling how I can eat healthily while sitting on my couch and I found the answer meal kit delivery. I have tried so many meal kits and I would be reviewing my personal favorites. 

In no particular order, here are my personal favorites and why:

1. Home Bistro: The meal kit is like a gourmet restaurant delivered to you with a price in mind. 

The home bistro has several meal options. The cheapest meal bundle being the “La petite” containing 7 meals ranging from Charbroiled Chicken Promesco accompanied with spicy chili broccoli and risotto with herbs de Provence to the Chargrilled Pom-Fig Salmon With Couscous accompanied with risotto with herbed de Provence and a Moroccan ratatouille.

All that tasty gourmet goodness at the cost of $161. Yes, please! The most expensive being the “Table-for-two” containing 20 meals from the “La Petite” meal bundle with 4 additional meals.

My favorite meal in the “Table-for-two” has to be the romesco sauce turkey kabob. You can get that huge gourmet bundle for $299.99. If you have special dietary preferences like Paleo or diabetic based meals, they have that as well, gourmet style. *chef’s kiss*

If you get a meal kit from Home Bistro, let me know how you feel about it.


2. Fresh n Lean: This has to be one of the best meal kits in terms of personal and dietary preferences. You can get protein, keto, paleo even a vegan based meal kit. Every meal kit is organically certified. Meals start at $9.33 per meal. As someone who loves to try different diets, this meal kit was designed for people like me. Making diet exploration easier. Meals are delivered every Friday.  I would be getting a fresh n lean meal again and again. You get the point, it’s that good.

Fresh n Lean

3. Martha & Marley Spoon: The meal kit is created by the one and only Martha Stewart with a partnership with Marley Spoon. This meal kit is unique in the sense that you have the option of picking 22 new recipes every week. It’s as simple as picking the recipe you find crave-able every week and making them right in your kitchen. Ingredients are made fresh from the USA. You have the option of picking between two to six meals per week, prices vary from $50 to $100. Dietary preferences are catered to. Martha & Marley Spoon is a must get.

4. Mamasezz: This meal kit is unique in the sense that there is something for everyone from Heart Healthy bundle to weight loss bundle and many more. Made meals are made from scratch at their New Hampshire kitchen. Every ingredient is gotten straight from local farmers. The price ranges from $4-$6 per serving. 

Which meal kit would you be trying, let me know? Tweet me @scientificeats

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