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Fast Food Fatigue? Explained

We all love to grab our favorite fast food and get going. Well, is it just me but after eating a burger with a side of fries, I feel extreme fatigue and ready to hit the hay even though my energy before I ate from a fast food joint.

Well let’s find out why that happens

Fast food is typically packed with refined carbs, added sugars, fats(the bad ones), and sometimes trans fat(the worst type of fat). So you might want to reconsider getting a burger every lunch rush and grab a home-cooked meal.

Junk Food causes a quick spike in your blood sugar from eating junk foods high in refined carbohydrates and added sugars can cause a surge in insulin, leading to a quick drop in blood sugar. Aside from a drop in blood sugar, this type of food narrows the arteries which lead to lower blood pressure. Hence, the reason some people feel dizzy and lightheaded after a 4for4.

Aside from making us fatigue, fast food has numerous side effects which can deteriorate your health.

Other Side Effects of Fast Food

  • Eating Fast food regularly increases your chance of obesity which could lead to other health condition
  • Increases your chance of getting diabetes 2
  • Could lead to constipation due to low fiber in fast food
  • Increases Inflammation
  • Leads to depression, Overeating, and low self-esteem over time

We know avoiding junk food is near impossible in this busy age but it is possible to eat healthily and still carry on with your busy schedule. I would highly recommend having a meal plan, getting a meal kit or if you are rich, hire a private chef.

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