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Debunking Diets: Do they really work

Debunking Diets: Do they really work

Diets? Do they really work? Are they worth it? Everyone on earth has partaken in one diet or the other. They are a great, very important factor in promoting a healthy lifestyle but they are really misunderstood and overhyped. Let’s slowly go to the deep end. What is the diet? According to ” is to select or limit the food one eats to improve one’s physical condition or to lose weight” pretty straightforward, well not so much when you partake in an actual diet. I have done numerous diet from high calorie based diet to a plant-based diet to a “detox” diet; every diet made me feel different. The high-calorie diet was the worst not because the idea was bad but I thought all I had to do was eat a bunch of McChicken loaded with all the toppings with a large fries but I never felt alive when I indulge in such horrible dietary acts. It is stupidity if I gain my desired weight and I am diagnosed with stroke in the future. 
Down my lifetime, I came across a very insightful documentary on red meat and dairy, a Netflix documentary, “What the health“, there were so many dietary knowledge and farms dark secrets obtained from sitting on the couch for 1 hour 30 minutes. Of course, I did my research, not going to let what happened in my first diet happen again. The documentary and my research explained a lot of my health issues(acid reflux and frequent tummy aches), of course, I changed my diet and focused on a plant-based diet. This amazing guide “1-month vegan guide” helped me through my vegan diet. it was a success in terms of my health but keeping up with my nutrient and frequently cooking was the hardest part about my diet, I couldn’t take that burden. Instead, most of my meals follow the balanced diet chart but milk and red meat excluded, also more fruits and vegetables.
What I am saying is a diet is worth it and efficient, if you have a clear goal in mind, do your research and strive to live a healthy lifestyle. Also, try to consult a dietician, they are the pros on diet. You do not have to feel guilty when you are in a diet, it’s not a punishment but a way to better yourself; so be flexible and have your goal in mind. However, do not just hop on a diet cause its trendy, or you saw it on a Pinterest or Instagram page. Diet with purpose and moderation.

And if you want to hop on a vegan diet which I highly encourage. I recommend getting this vegan guide that breaks down what you need to eat and how to get the maximum nutrient from a vegan diet with a ton of vegan recipe.

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