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African Cuisine: How to make ebbeh

Africa is filled with various rich culture and African cuisine are to die for, must-have. Africa is one of the largest continents has a lot of countries. Hence, there are thousands of African dishes to try but today we would be diving into Gambian Cuisine. Gambian cuisine commonly uses these ingredients: fish, rice, peanuts, tomato, black-eyed peas, lemon, cassava, cabbage, salt, pepper, onion, chili, and various herbs. 

The main attraction for this post is a cassava and seafood-based dish called ebbeh. Packed with a lot of protein, vitamins, and just the right amount of carbs.



Red oil



Chicken bouillion





Smoked catfish 

Catfish eggs

Tilapia fillets


1. Peel the cassava and cut into medium cubes and let boil till soft and separating on its own. 

2. Put the tilapia fillets on top of the boiling cassava for about 5mins and remove it.

3. Put the fillets in a bowl. Pick out the bones in the smoked catfish and put them in the same bowl with the fillets. 

4. Make sure the water is just a little bit above the cassava then add red oil and let boil. It should start getting thick. 

5. Clean crabs and add it to the boil. Add cleaned shrimps and catfish eggs

6. Blend pepper, salt, chicken bouillon, and lemon juice. Put in a bowl and add the tamarind to it. 

7. Make sure it’s thick before adding 6 above or else it will be watery. Let all boil and reduce heat to avoid burning. 

8. When everything is well cooked, taste to see if you need to add more salt or maggie. 

Note: When cooking with cassava, it has to be properly cooked has uncooked cassava is poisonous

If you want it more spicy and sour, put aside some lemon juice and add some ground/sauce pepper and some maggie/salt. 

Serve hot! 

You just got a taste of true Gambian dish, what international cuisine would you like to try next?

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