ADHD Chronicles

The Facts

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a mental health disorder that can cause abnormal levels of hyperactive and impulsive behaviors. People with ADHD may also have trouble focusing their attention on a single task or sitting still for long periods of time. Both adults and children can have ADHD.

ADHD | Symptoms, Diagnosis, Causes & Treatment

The Childhood

Throughout my childhood, I always thought I had some kind of superpower but my parents were hiding it from me because I was always hyperactive, ready to run a mile. I felt invincible but now I realize why they always scolded me for feeling invincible cause 9/10 after my superhero adventures, I would have loads of chest pains, muscle and bone aches for days sometimes weeks but that was because of my sickle cell disorder, do not fret for I have been cured. Despite, knowing I would end up in pain, I had this uncontrollable urge to move around, touch something, fidget, and do some crack head s**t. I did not realize such behaviors could affect my academics and social skills; It was really hard to concentrate in class especially Maths, ten minutes into the class and my mind wander off or I wanted to do something else.

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The Process

Socially, I was impulsive and loud but the problem was I wanted to change that but I “cannot” control it, or can I? My superpower was actually a “curse” and I did not even know it was a curse until a friend told me that I need to get checked up, I probably ADHD. I was like WTF is that. As a smart boy, I did my research on it and realized I actually have all these symptoms.

Now that I knew I had a major issue as a motivated individual, I had to transform one of my biggest flaws into my strengths. I had energy like jerry while being chased might as well use that energy for something productive and positive, so I joined every extracurricular activity I could, sports were excluded till I got into junior year of High school where I partook in Track; crazy how I taught I was going to be the fastest student out there but unfortunately, that was not the situation at all, you can say the opposite happened…yikes! I also played soccer didn’t really have high standards for my soccer skills but I did what I do best, running around like a mad dog and tackling anyone with the ball like a furious bull.

I successfully achieved the first step to managing my powers till this very day and I don’t think that’s stopping anytime soon.

The Solution

Music, this was a key factor in managing my “curse”. Once the earbuds are plugged in, all my energy is on a mental dance floor and I transform into a hybrid of Beyonce and Chris Brown. Music was also a great way to channel my disoriented creativity. However, different music had a different effect on me, Depending on what I am trying to achieve. Crazy how I hated music has a child(I was highly superstitious). According to research, “hows that rhythm, melody, and tempo activate attention and focus. Moving to music helps organize the brain. Playing music can enhance sustained attention, impulse control, decision-making, and planning, not to mention boosting self-esteem. Active music engages the whole brain.”

wireless headphones leaning on books

I had to experiment with different learning styles, it was hard to pinpoint the most efficient learning technique but the best for the majority of my classes was doing the examples in class and participating in every class activity in order to keep me engaged in class, also, asking several questions.

The hardest demon I had to conquer was my impulse. The most effective techniques for controlling my impulse was meditating like those sensei in karate moves and working out. Those contradictive techniques go hand in hand, one releases the energy and the other calms the mind.

Do not get me wrong I still face these issues but I know how to control them and stay calm.

It’s ok to have powers you can not control but it’s bad if you lose control and makes it lead to your downfall.

If you need professional help controlling your ADHD symptoms reach out to the link below:

The Upside

I am a firm believer of changing your flaws to your strength or to the extent that it’s not a burden. Having ADHD has its upside.

When everyone is tired and dull, I am energetic as ever except when I eat a whopper 🙁

The constant need to put a smile on people’s face and share my energy has been engraved with this “curse”. The upbeat personality comes with the deal. Child-like imagination and curiosity keeps you ever thinking and innovative. New ideas popping up every day although they might come at the wrong time, we are still here for it 🙂

Blessing in disguise you say!

The poem

Legs shaking, Hands moving, Mind wandering

But it’s not anxiety

This is different

I am not panicky

I am jumpy

I am ready to run a mile

Ready to climb a mountain and scream at the top of my lung

This is different

I am trying to get the work turned in at 11:59

But a train wreck of ideas hits me

Now I lose my train of thought

Asking myself, where was I?

It’s a toxic cycle

But I broke it

Like I broke the silverware at my mama’s house

It’s cool, we cool

We move on

Speaking of I am constantly on my feet

Letting the music play in the background

Articulating my thoughts

Organizing my mental folder

Dancing to the tunes

This might be the trick

I am loving this

I am loving the tunes

I am loving my mind

Everything turned out just fine

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